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Why Radio?

Ever since I grew up  I had a strong passion for radio and for me radio
it’s a calling in my blood I live radio I breathe radio

Most embarrassing moment on radio?

Well Its always when I have to call numbers in a form of money like
R20699 its always embarrassing for me so I have to practice the number
several times otherwise I’m bad.

Any talents no one knows about?

I  am a very good dancer in contemporary dance and also a good singer .

What do you love most about Jozi FM?

Jozifm is all about people on the ground real people who represents
Soweto so well even the kind of music and topics that are being
discussed they represent people of Soweto.

What sums up a well-spent weekend for you?

Spending time with little ones because its not something that happens
more often.

“I am in love with Soweto because of………”

The history that Soweto has and all the  beautiful  places we have and
all the legends that are from Soweto and stayed in Soweto.

If you could change one thing about the world around you, what would it be?


Name 5 people would you like to host at a dinner party and why?

Well those people would be Malusi Gigaba,VVO Mkhize,Tshatha
Ngobe,Nomagugu Ngobese and Sjava the reason I  chose all of the above
people its because they respect isintu they understand about our African
roots which is something I think its fading away slowy so it would be
great to host them at the dinner party and we get to discuss our roots
as African people.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why?

My father he meant everything to me he was the best father anyone could
have in this world.

What super power would you have and what would you use it for?

If  only I could have the power to change the mind…I would use that to
change how people look at each other in terms of undermining others and
developing others.

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