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For The Princess is an initiative by the CEO of Jozi FM Mr Mpho Mhlongo under the CSI “Jozi FM Works Jozi FM Cares”.

Mr Mhlongo realised that most girls miss out on school during their monthly periods due to not having sanitary towels, these girls use cow dung or material to protect themselves which is unhygienic. He then called out to the community of Soweto to help by donating a pack of sanitary towels, the response was overwhelming from the community.We embarked on a drive and visited different church denomination, shopping malls and businesses asking for donations, all the different stakeholders responded positively.


A initiative of the CEO Mr Mpho Mhlongo, to spend a day with children from the ages of 4 – 12 years.

This initiative has been running for the past four years, the children are identified by the community, these
children come from under privileged background mainly who do not have father figures present in their lives.
On the day, the Jozi FM fathers take part in the initiative by serving them meals, play with and when the children. Each child receives a goodie bag as they go home.