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Dannyboy Madiro

Dannyboy Madiro
Why Radio?

Mhh……I chose Radio because of the power it has, this medium has the power to influence, inform, entertain and educate.

Most embarrassing moment on radio?

Doing a show for 45minutes not realising that I switched on an incorrect mic only to be called by a colleague telling me that they cant hear me.

Any talents no one knows about? 

Yhoooooo…….I am a speechwriter and a good singer hey!

What do you love most about Jozi FM? 

This is a mother of all community Radio Station within Sub-Saharan Africa and what i love the most is that we :

        1. We serve the communities interests first
        2. We are a family radio station
        3. We promote local talent
        4. Lastly we are always used as a bench mark by other community Radio Stations and some Commercial Radio Stations
What sums up a well-spent weekend for you?

Being indoors with my cell-phone off but I hardly have the so called “Well-spent” weekend because I am always at work.

“I am in love with Soweto because of ________”
        1. The history behind Soweto.
        2. Our cultural diversity and how we are able to tolerate and co-exist
        3. We are in the heart beat of Mzanzi’s economic hub.
If you could change one thing about the world around you, what would it be?

I would definitely change the perception some people have about community media.

Name 5 people would you like to host at a dinner party and why:

Patrice Motsepe, Former Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke, Trevor Noah, Dr. Irvin Khoza and Vusi Thembekwayo…I just want to know and understand; How did they make it in life beside working hard,what does their daily life entails beside meetings, given a chance is there anything they feel that they could have done better on their way to the top.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why:

The late former States President Nelson Mandela just to give us real reasons why he divorced the Late Winnie Madikizela Mandela and why didn’t he give her the opportunity to be the First Black 1st Lady in a Democratic South Africa

What super power would you have and what would you use it for?

Errrrrrr with me if it would have to be immorality so that I can live forever and if can be able to grow money on trees.

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