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Why Radio?

Radio has always been my dream since I was in tertiary, that is why I started wanting to work at Jozi FM since year 2000. I used to come there and do jokes which were played on different shows. As an entertainer, it was one of the platforms I always wanted to explore…and I am grateful to be given the opportunity.

Most embarrassing moment on radio?

When a promo goes over you while you are still presenting or getting a caller who uses foul language when taking calls. Not being clued up about something I am talking about, and when people have questions I don’t really know the answer 100%

Any talents no one knows about? 

I am an actor and stand-up comedian & MC

What do you love most about Jozi FM? 

That it is a kasi based and has more listenership than some well known stations. In most cases it involves its listeners on events and it gives back to the community e.g Princess Campaign

What sums up a well-spent weekend for you?

Being home with my grandma and kids does it for me, now and then going to chill with my boys and doing my radio shows.

“I am in love with Soweto because of ________”

I present and entertain my Soweto people, and the fact that Soweto made me.

If you could change one thing about the world around you, what would it be?

Tighten the rule around foreigners coming to our country and taking over.

Name 5 people would you like to host at a dinner party and why:

My Grandma – she is always positive regardless of how tough the situation is, thus giving me positive energy.

My tertiary Business Management tutor – he called a spade a spade…not an agricultural tool, which makes one think hard and long before taking any drastic decisions.

Minister of Home Affairs – to chat to him about how illegal foreigners come and go as they please in our country, and find a way to monitor such…as i believe one day this country will be lost to them.

The President – to discuss issues that bother the country the most and start executing drastic measures a step at a time to help our fellow South Africans.

My Manager – to discuss staff issues and have random “One on Ones” with the staff so as to get the best out of them.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why:

Nelson Mandela – I believe as some point through peace and freedom, he somewhat sold the country as majority of black people are poor…maybe he must come back and find a new strategy for equality..

What super power would you have and what would you use it for?

To see the future, so I can fix life to avoid mistakes and channel it to the right direction. (Perfection)

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