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Why Radio? I am lover of music and knowledge( information). With Radio I am able to exchange this with listeners. Most embarrassing moment on Radio? I was once doing a topic on my show, I think it was about sex. One lady caller said she want to do it ( have sex) with me. I was shocked and embarrassed, did not know how to respond and the callers after kept on asking me to respond…lol Any talents no one knows about? I co-own an Events and Décor company with my fiancé . What do love most about Jozi FM? JoziFM as its pay of line “ more than just Radio”. More than just playing music and sharing information, we also do community work and this gives one an experience of knowing how people live on the ground (good and bad/sad stories) . What sums up a well-spent weekend for you? When I spend time with my family , including visiting the parks or attending school events and later honoring my gigs (make money Lol). ‘ I am in love with Soweto because of........."? its diversity. You learn different languages, cultures, its rich history and you also become streetwise. Soweto is a country on its own. If you could change one thing about the world around you, What would it be? Stop drugs and the abuse of alcohol especially among young people. Name 5 people you like to host at a dinner party and why? -Barack Obama -Thabo Mbeki -Naledi Pandor -Romeo Kumalo -Kaizer Motaung They represent confidence, believe, vision, education and persistence to succeed in their respective fields. Who would you bring back from the dead and why? My former colleague Tshepo Vincent Machwisa. I think he left too soon and the man was an amazing human being. His morals, values and general approach to life was out of this world. Bless his soul. What superpower would you have and what would you use it for? To see through Pretenders and Deceivers. So we can save the vulnerable people of the world.
May 11, 2018